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Leimberger, K. G., Hadley, A. S., & Betts, M. G. 2023.
Journal of Animal Ecology, 92(9), 1680–1694
Valente, J. J., Gannon, D. G., Hightower, J., Kim, H., Leimberger, K. G., Macedo, R., Rousseau, J. S., Weldy, M. J., Zitomer, R. A., Fahrig, L., Fletcher Jr, R. J., Wu, J., & Betts, M. G. 2023.
Landscape Ecology, 38(11), 2717–2730
Betts, M.G., Yang, Z., Hadley, A.S., Smith, A.C., Rousseau, J.S., Northrup, J.M., Nocera, J.J., Gorelick, N. and Gerber, B.D. 2022.
Nature Ecology & Evolution 6: 709–719

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Leimberger, K., Dalsgaard, B., Tobias, J. and Betts, M.G. 2022.
Biological Reviews 93: 923-959
Banks-Leite, C., Betts, M.G., Ewers, R.M., Orme, C.D.L., Pigot, A 2022.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 6: 480-487
Stokely, T.S.*, and Betts, M.G. 2020.
Journal of Applied Ecology 57: 31-42

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Phalan, B.*, Northrup, J.*, Deal, B., Rousseau, J.*, Yang, Z., and Betts, M.G. 2019.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 116:3322-3327
Betts, M.G., Wolf, C., Ripple, W., Phalan, B.*, Butchart, S. and Levi, T. 2017.
Nature 547, 441–444. doi:10.1038/nature23285

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Kormann, U.*, Scherber, C., Tscharntke, T., Klein, N., Larbig, Valente, J.M., Hadley, A.S.* and Betts, M.G. 2016.
Proceedings of the Royal Society Ser. B. 283: 20152347
Hadley, A.S.* and Betts, M.G. 2016.
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