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Selected, Habitat Fragmentation and Loss, Climate, Microclimate and Global Change

Weeks, T.L., Betts, M.G., Pfeifer, M., Wolf, C., Banks-Leite, C., Barbaro, L., Barlow, J., Cerezo, A., Kennedy, C.M., Kormann, U.G., Marsh, C.J., Olivier, P.I., Phalan, B.T., Possingham, H., Wood, E.M., Tobias, J.A. 2023.
Nature Ecology & Evolution; DOI: 10.1038/s41559-023-02077-x
Betts, M.G., Yang, Z., Hadley, A.S., Smith, A.C., Rousseau, J.S., Northrup, J.M., Nocera, J.J., Gorelick, N. and Gerber, B.D. 2022.
Nature Ecology & Evolution 6: 709–719

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Leimberger, K., Dalsgaard, B., Tobias, J. and Betts, M.G. 2022.
Biological Reviews 93: 923-959
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Trends in Ecology and Evolution 6: 480-487
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Journal of Applied Ecology 57: 31-42

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Phalan, B.*, Northrup, J.*, Deal, B., Rousseau, J.*, Yang, Z., and Betts, M.G. 2019.
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Betts, M.G., Wolf, C., Ripple, W., Phalan, B.*, Butchart, S. and Levi, T. 2017.
Nature 547, 441–444. doi:10.1038/nature23285

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